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Shinamo Moki - You Couldn't Be More Distant EP

It’s taken a while for me to sort out but here it is. Shinamo Moki’s 2nd EP. ‘You Couldn’t Be More Distant’ is the resultant of year 1 at university. 6 tracks filtered out from the ton of songs written and recorded throughout that timespan and influenced by a bunch of anime, nature, film, loved ones, misconceptions and stupid ideas to run away abroad and live in a small hut near the woods (with WiFi). Please listen and if you like it, pass it on to your friends who may also like it. I would be so grateful.




Auryn, Shinamo Moki. London, 2014

a photo of me recording hot air

シナモモキ and drawings

"a photo felix took of my bedroom wall and uploaded it to his tumblr without telling me" (2014)


Steffaloo - Shoulda Known Better (Shinamo Moki remix)

here’s a silly remix i did a while ago for Staffaloo


It is with our upmost pleasure/excitement/relief to share with you all the news of our upcoming EP released late this August on MUSH (Bibio,Daedelus,etc). The EP was written as an audible reflection of our own personal expectations, anticipations and worries of visiting China & Japan and the art work was painstakingly hand painted by the very talented Sara Zin. We cannot wait for you all to hear what we’ve been working so hard on so please repost to spread the word and we love you all equally x Shinamo Moki x  Release Date: 08/19/2014

forgotten-0ne asked: hey! im guessing this is auryn. I was wondering what tunes tickle your fancy? Who are some of your favorite artists? I need some new music to check out! haha (you should answer this privately so i wont have to search you blog for the reply)

Yes this is Auryn and here are a few tracks that are guaranteed* to tickle your fancy

Chad Vangaalen - mini t.v’s

Ooioo - UMO

Bibio - top soil

Manitoba - Dundas Ontario

宇多田ヒカル - Simple & Clean

*not an actual guarantee

and i’m going to post this because searching my blog shouldn’t be a chore 



*UK* We will be selling these shirts at future shows. Will be adding more merch available for the rest of the world soon. xx

(Source: gi-fu)

I was gonna come to your art exhibition but then I found your facebook


30 Nights In China & This Is What I’ve Written - SHINAMO MOKI シナモモキ

a teaser for some casette tapes by Auryn whilst in China. We’re releasing after our EP with MUSH records

crocs, plants, guns, anime, & robots.

more remixes to be released while im away in china. let me know what you make of these ones in the mean time xx (๑ᵉ̷͈◡ॢᵉ̷͈๑)Üfu♡